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Our Conference Acitvities

Invitations to Members of the Marketing Area to Conferences and Research Seminar Series 2020

Find all invitations to the members of the Marketing Area to conferences held in 2020 here.

Presentations at Academic Conferences of Members of the Marketing Area 2020

Find here the presentations of members of the Marketing Area held in 2020 here.

The Marketing Area as Organizer of Academic Conferences

We actively engage in the scientific discourse with other top researchers. For this purpose, the marketing area organizes conferences and symposia with national and international guest speakers. See below for upcoming and past conference activities of the Marketing Area.

Symposia Value Creation

The symposia on value creation in a changing customer and media environment face major issues of marketing in times of ongoing digitalization.

Hamburg-Cologne Marketing Camp

The Hamburg-Cologne Marketing Camp is a joined initiative of Marketing professors from the Universities of Hamburg and Cologne. The Marketing Camp aims at inviting a group of internationally well-known researchers and provides a platform for an intensive exchange on current research topics with its combination of presentations, discussions and personal talks. For the guest speakers of past Hamburg-Cologne Marketing Camps please refer to the last Marketing Camp's website (2019).

Members of the Marketing Area as Chairs and Presenters

In addition to own conferences, members of the marketing areas are chairs and presenters at numerous conferences all over the world.