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Bachelorseminar Marketing Analytics für Marketingentscheidungen

Seminar (14266.0204)

          Instructor: Dirk Buttke

          Date: November 4, 2020
          Time: 10:00am - 02:00pm
          Via Zoom Meeting see Klips:

          Deadline seminar paper
          Date: January 15, 2021, 12:00 pm
          One printed version, two copies, one version by e-mail to Dirk Buttke

          Deadline for abstracts and presentations
          Date: January 29, 2021 (via e-mail to Dirk Buttke)
         Final Presentations: Seminar presentations of papers
         Dates: February 8, 2021 and February 9, 2021, both 09:00am - 06:00pm
         Zoom Presentation

IMPORTANT: Please note that participants admitted to the Bachelor seminar must register for the exam in Klips by September 6, 2020 (23:59 hrs) already! Failure or delay in exam registration will result in exclusion from the course. The syllabus and the course topics can be found here.

Before you register for the course, please ensure that you will be able to attend all sessions! Attendance is compulsory for all participants. Failure to attend will result in exclusion from the course and a corresponding number of malus points!

Criteria for course credit

In order to receive the full course credit, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

→   Term paper – each student in the group must contribute to the paper

→   Preparation and delivery of a group presentation

→   Active participation in the sessions. Students are expected to make    significant contributions to any discussions which take place during the course


The goal of the seminar is to develop a more detailed understanding of a specific topic out of
the field of the profile group marketing. Students learn how to critically assess academic
literature and write a thesis on a scientific topic. Furthermore students advance their
communicative abilities. The active participation during the discussions in the seminar helps
developing those communication skills. This class is assigned to the module “bachelor
seminar” of the profile group marketing.
Requirement for this seminar is the participation in the core module Marketing during your
studies. The seminar is restricted to 20 participants. The application for the seminar and the
selection of participants will be via KLIPS. After the selection of the participants the students
will be informed and receive a list with all topics. In case that there are less than 20 participants
the coordinators might reduce the number of topics. The selected participants will be asked to
confirm their participation and hand in their topic preferences. We will do our best to consider
the preferences when distributing the topics.
The selection for the seminar obligates to participation. A withdrawal of the course has to be
handed in to the seminar coordinator Dirk Buttke (Tel. 0221-470 8683; buttke@wiso.uni-koeln. de).

If other students cannot participate in the seminar due to a late withdrawal the
withdrawal leads to negative consequences regarding the participation at future seminars. A
withdrawal without any negative consequences is possible until: September 6, 2020, 23:59 pm.


The examination consists of two parts:

  • Academic paper on a specific topic (seminar thesis),
  • Presentation and discussion of seminar topics.

Students are jointly evaluated on their seminar thesis, presentation and participation. 

Die Prüfungsleistung besteht aus zwei Teilen:

  • Wissenschaftliche Arbeit über ein bestimmtes Thema (Seminararbeit),
  • Präsentation und Diskussion der Seminarthemen.

Studierende erhalten eine Gesamtnote basierend auf ihrer Seminararbeit, ihrer Präsentation und ihrer Beteiligung. 

Learning Objectives

The aim of the seminar is to develop a more detailed understanding of a marketing topic. The first part consists of a seminar presentation and discussion. Students present their results to the other participants in small groups and discuss them. The second part of the seminar is a seminar thesis. Students learn how to critically assess academic literature and write a thesis on a scientific topic.

  • Deeper understanding of a specific topic within the module group/major Marketing,
  • Preparation for the requirements of a bachelor thesis,
  • Development of basic skills to write an academic paper,
  • Critical assessment of academic literature,
  • Ability to discuss scientific topics,
  • Communication and presentation in management-oriented communication situations,
  • Working in groups.

Additional Information

The course will be conducted in form of a block seminar and intense group work. There will be four elements to the competence development.

Introductory session

At the beginning, there will be an introductory session. On this date, the topics will be assigned to each group. The instructors will also suggest potential research articles for the presentation. After that, there will also be an introduction on how to work scientifically, the guidelines for the term paper and presentation and a discussion of an exemplary research article.

Block seminar and presentations

The presentations will be held during a 2-day block seminar. On these days, each student group will present one topic regarding managing new products. Presentations should be composed and held in English. It should be the result of a collaborative effort and it must be internally consistent. 

Term paper

In addition to the presentation, each group has to hand in an academic term paper. As a means of introduction, the instructors will provide some initial readings for each seminar topic in the introductory session. Apart from that, further research, especially in international journals, is expected. The length of the term paper should be about 12 pages per group member. The term paper should be the result of a collaborative effort and it must be internally consistent. It is therefore absolutely vital that each individual section is properly incorporated into the final term paper. The term paper can be written in English or German.

Supervisor meetings

Each group will be assigned to a supervisor. During the term, each group has the opportunity to schedule 2-3 meetings with the supervisor to discuss their progress and potential questions.


Please take the information provided on ILIAS on how to write a term paper, a bachelor, or a master thesis into consideration!