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Major Module I

Business Model Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Lecture (14266.0102)

Instructor: Dr. Markus Pfeiffer
Information on dates, time and place as well as course content can be found in KLIPS 

A guest lecture is planned. More information will follow here in due time.

Excercise (14266.0103)

Instructor: Rouven Schwerdtfeger
Information on dates, time and place for the corresponding excercise can be found in KLIPS.


The examination consists of a presentation and corresponding oral exam. Examination Dates and further information concerning the examination you find here soon.

Please keep in mind that after your admission to the course you need to register via KLIPS for the examination within the corresponding registration period. It is NOT possible to register after the registration period. Non-registration will result in exclusion from the course. Note that no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the information. Please refer to the Examination Office for all examination-related questions.

Zum Bestehen der Veranstaltung muss eine Präsentation gehalten und eine mündliche Prüfung abgelegt werden.  Prüfungsdaten sowie weitere Informationen bezüglich der Prüfungsanforderungen finden Sie demnächst hier.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie sich nach Zulassung zum Seminar nur innerhalb der vorgegebenen Fristen für die Prüfung in KLIPS anmelden können. Es ist NICHT möglich, sich nach Ablauf der Frist nachträglich anzumelden. Bei Nichtanmeldung erfolgt der Ausschluss aus dem Kurs. Es wird keine Verantwortung für die Richtigkeit der Informationen übernommen. Bitte informieren Sie sich beim Prüfungsamt über alle prüfungsbedingten Fragen.


The course "Business Model Innovation and Entrepreneurship" (formerly New Product Management) provides students with a comprehensive overview of the basic concepts, theories, and methods in product innovation management and their practical application, especially in the context of digitization challenges.

References to classic stage-gated innovation processes and more modern open innovation techniques (e.g. crowdsourcing) will equip students with the ability to apply different ways of new product development. All frameworks and theories will be explained based on examples from a variety of industries, ranging from the automotive and high technology context to energy and FMCG products. Case-based discussions in class contribute to the highly practical and interactive nature of this course.

Furthermore, the course will help to critically examine innovation procedures in large organizations and contrast them with ways smaller organizations, i.e. startups, develop and test their new product developments. A dive into agile product development techniques (i.e. lean startup based), ideation techniques and testing procedures will enable students to work with the latest and most effective innovation management tools.

Guest lectures from startup practitioners and leading innovation experts will complete the picture, engage students and grow their appetite to explore entrepreneurial opportunities.

Final examination will be done based on a real case developed in collaboration with an industry partner. Case work will need full time engagement during the weeks between the first and last date of the lecture.