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Marketing Seminar II

Replication Studies in Marketing: Celebrity Endorsement

Seminar (14266.0803)

Instructor: Andrea Schöndeling

Date, Time and Room: see Klips


Marketing research has many unsolved problems to researchers. This might be the reason for the relatively low tendency to replicate results of other studies. Nonetheless, as in any other field, replications of existing empirical studies are one of the building blocks of the structures of knowledge. Replications are important for knowledge accumulation, and for gaining greater understanding into new and/or important effects.

This semester, the Replication Seminar will focus specifically on studies on Celebrity Endorsement. Influencers have sparked a vivid discussion among practitioners and researchers alike, who attempt to get a better understanding of how to integrate influencer marketing in their market-ing mix successfully. While some consider influencer marketing to be an entirely new and unprecedented phenomenon that requires further research, others compare it to celebrity endorsement on which research has been conducted decades ago. This seminar therefore aims to replicate existing studies about celebrity endorsement to discover whether and how this knowledge can be applied to Influencer marketing.

Participants of this seminar will work in groups and will replicate and preferably extend the selected original paper with one or several own empirical studies (e.g., conduct online surveys and analyze the generated data). During this process, they will tackle various issues of empirical research and will acquire new skills of executing empirical research projects as well as a deeper understanding of their research topic.


Participants will write a short replication note in groups, which is limited to 2000 words. The grade will be based on the quality of the replication note. Excellent replication notes will receive support for a submission to the replication corner of the Journal of Marketing Behavior. The Replication Note should be handed in until August 15, 2020.

Die Bewertung der Prüfungsleistung basiert auf der Qualität der "Replication Note". Hervorragende Arbeiten erhalten Unterstützung bei der Einreichung ihrer Arbeit bei der "Replication Corner" des Journal of Marketing Behavior. Die Replication Note sollte bis zum 15.08.2020 eingereicht werden.


As students will have to replicate and extend empirical studies, an interest in statistics is a requirement; experience in working with empirical studies is beneficial, but not a requirement.

Replication Note

Participants will group in teams replicate a paper on celebrity endorsement. Students will generate their own data and replicate the selected study. Data, method and results should be reported in a short replication note which is limited to 2000 words + appendices.


Each group should present their data collection process, methods and findings in a 20 minutes presentation. Afterwards, open questions and ideas for improvement will be discussed in class so that they can be incorporated in the final replication note.

Important Dates


Registration via KLIPS

Registration for the seminar is possible via KLIPS in the first and second registration phase.

10am - 11:30am


This session will give an introduction to replication studies and the requirements of the seminar. 



Individual Feedback

Initial research ideas and the planned experiments will be discussed individually with each group.

10am - 2pm


Students will present and discuss their replication studies. They will get feedback from the instructor. This session will not be graded, but should provide valuable feedback for the final replication note.



Submission of replication note

Students have to submit their replication note as pdf and docx files by e-mail.