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Selected Issues in Marketing I

Marketing Data Analysis and Visualisation in R

Interactive Lecture (14266.0502)

            Instructor: Prof. Dr. Hernán A. Bruno
            Date, time & location: see Klips 



Marketing is more data intensive than ever before and the modern manager needs to have a working knowledge of how marketing data looks like, how it can be handled, analysed and presented. This class is an introduction to statistical analysis using a programming environment. It requires no existing knowledge of R or any other statistical software. I will follow a hands-on approach. Students are encouraged to come with a laptop to the seminar and we’ll go through the steps of loading, transforming, cleaning, exploring, visualising, analysing and reporting data. We will use R, which is the most popular statistical environment today, and it is free. The student will never have to use Stata or SPSS again in their life. As part of the workload in this course, the student will receive a messy dataset that they will have to tease apart and explore in order to make a final presentation and summarize the results in a short term paper at the end of the course.