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Selected Issues in Marketing III

Consumer Psychology and Behavior  

Lecture (14266.0700)

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Monika Imschloß
Date, time & location: see Klips

Exercise (14266.0701)

Instructor:  Prof. Dr. Monika Imschloß
Date, time & location: see Klips


The examination form is a written exam. Please note that the exam can be answered either in German or in English. 

Examination Dates:

First Exam
Date: 06.12.2019 (Registration Deadline November, 22 via Klips)
Time: 3pm - 4pm
Location: Lecture Hall C, Lecturehall Building 105

Second Exam
Date: 30.01.2020 (Registration Deadline January, 16 via Klips)
Time: 4pm - 5pm
Location:  Lecture Hall C, Lecturehall Building 105

Please keep in mind that you need to register for the exam within the given registration period. It is NOT possible to register after the registration period. Note that no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the information. Please refer to the  Examination Office  for all examination-related questions.

Zum Bestehen der Veranstaltung muss eine schriftliche Prüfung abgelegt werden. Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Prüfung sowohl auf Deutsch als auch auf Englisch abgelegt werden kann.

1. Prüfungstermin
Datum: 06.12.2019 (Anmeldeschluss 22.11.2019 via Klips)
Uhrzeit: 15:00 - 16:00 Uhr
Ort: Hörsaal C, Hörsaalgebäude 105

2. Prüfungstermin
Datum: 30.01.2020 (Anmeldeschluss 16.01.2020 via Klips)
Uhrzeit: 16:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Ort: Hörsaal C, Hörsaalgebäude 105

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie sich nur innerhalb der vorgegebenen Fristen für die Klausur anmelden können. Es ist NICHT möglich, sich nach Ablauf der Frist nachträglich anzumelden. Es wird keine Verantwortung für die Richtigkeit der Informationen übernommen. Bitte informieren Sie sich beim  Prüfungsamt  über alle klausurbedingten Fragen.

Content & Learning Objectives

Consumer Psychology and Behavior I

An essential component of marketing is consumer insight – both the obvious needs and wants that are on the surface of conscious thought, but also the deeper, possibly unconscious motives that drive human behavior at an implicit level. This course gives an overview of psychological knowledge as it pertains to capturing consumer insight. This course will cover key concepts that help researchers and managers to understand how consumers behave and why consumers behave in a certain way. The course goals are to acquire an understanding of the psychological processes that underlie the effectiveness of marketing strategy in terms of impact on consumer behavior and to acquire a “toolbox” of psychological principles applicable to marketing strategy.

Consumer Psychology and Behavior II

Understanding consumer behavior and the irrationality of the human decision-making process is key to developing winning marketing strategies for advertising, branding, pricing or promotions. Therefore, going beyond the identification of obvious consumer needs by gaining a deeper understanding of the underlying motives and processes that drive human behavior is of high relevance for marketers. This course gives an overview of psychological concepts as they pertain to capturing and understanding consumer behavior. The course includes a consideration of concepts from the fields of evolutionary, biological, cognitive as well as social psychology and discusses how these concepts are related to consumer behavior. Further, the course will explore consumer behavior in different contexts, e.g., in the context of groups. Based on the experimental nature of most scientific findings in the field of consumer behavior, the course also covers a methodological understanding of experimental research.

The course goals are to acquire an understanding of the psychological processes that underlie consumer behavior and to critically reflect how people act when they buy, use or experience products or services. By taking this course you should learn to analyze consumer behavior and recommend marketing strategies based on theories and empirical evidence.