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About the Conference

The Chair of Retailing and Customer Management at the University of Cologne is excited to host the 2024 Marketing Strategy Consortium. This event will take place in Cologne, Germany from May 24 to 25, 2024 and is by invitation only.

Our intention is to promote marketing strategy scholarship and ensure that the field of marketing strategy develops its contribution by encouraging the work of the leaders of the future, i.e. junior scholars and PhD students. After the consortia at Missouri, Indiana, UT Austin, Texas A&M, and University of Georgia we are proud to host it for the first time outside the US, thereby enlarging the spatial (and mental) footprint. The co-organizers of the event are Werner Reinartz, Julian Wichmann, and Thomas Scholdra.

The principal goals of the consortium are:

  1. Knowledge Exchange: Engage in meaningful discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions to deepen our understanding of emerging substantive marketing trends and strategies.

  2. Skill Enhancement: Learn new thinking and approaches that will empower young scholars to conduct more impactful and innovative marketing strategy research.

  3. Supporting Future Talent: Provide constructive feedback to student and young faculty presenters, nurturing the next generation of top marketing researchers and leaders.

  4. Community Reinforcement and Identity Build-up: Generate a strong spirit of marketing strategy community within the larger marketing field.

The key idea of the consortium is to function (a) as a developmental platform for the training and thinking of aspiring colleagues and (b) to enhance the stature of the field of marketing strategy in academic research and impact in society. As such, we want to foster visibility and top publications in our journals.