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Student Assistants

In our daily work, we thankfully rely on our student assistants. They extensively support:

  • our research projects. They contribute to literature and data analyses, help us conducting surveys and experiments, and involve in the discussion of research ideas.
  • our teaching. They teach tutorials, support us in the preparation of courses and course materials, and help us at the supervision and inspection of exams.
  • our IT. They take over large parts of the care for our software, hardware, and website. 
  • our events and conferences. They involve in the organization and realization of events and conferences.
  • our administration. They greatly support the administrative work of our offices.
  • our library. They help our librarians with the management of the inventory and student inquiries.

As our student assistants take over large responsibilities, we are always looking for new members for our team. If you are interested in working as a student assistant with the marketing area, please click here to find job offers in the career section of our homepage.