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Letter of Recommendation

Prerequisites for a Letter of Recommendation:

  • Students must be enrolled at the University of Cologne. We cannot provide letters of recommendation for students enrolled at other universities.
  • Students should have their major in marketing, as indicated by having successfully passed multiple courses (e.g., seminar, bachelor or master thesis) offered by the Marketing Area. 
    We kindly ask you to send your documents to one of the following Marketing Area team members depending on where you passed the respective course(s)/thesis:

    For course(s)/thesis passed at

    send your documents to

    Prof. Dr. Hernán Bruno

    Daniela Schneiders


    Prof. Dr. Marc Fischer


    Ms Lixiao Hu


    Prof. Dr. Werner Reinartz

    Dr. Thomas Scholdra

    Patrizia Goltz


    Prof. Dr. Franziska Völckner

    Hon.-Prof. Dr. Christian Glasmacher

    Hon.-Prof. Dr. Markus Pfeiffer

    Jens Paschmann


    Please, send your documents only to one contact person. Note that letters of recommendation oftentimes require an individual assessment of course performance relative to all students who passed the same exam. Due to data privacy reasons, the chairs of the marketing area cannot exchange such information. Thus, when choosing a contact person you should consider which course performances the respective chair is able to evaluate in detail.

  • Students must request a letter of recommendation at least 4 weeks before their application deadline as it takes some time to set the letter up.
  • There might be an interview testing the student’s qualification for spending a semester abroad, applying for scholarships, etc.

Required Documents:

  • Letter of motivation, outlining the reason for your request for a letter of recommendation, the institution/program you would like to apply for, and, why you would like to apply at the specified institution or for the specified program.
  • Official template for a letter of recommendation in digital format (if possible) or at least notation on the institution’s website indicating that a letter of recommendation is required. If there is a designated contact person at the university/foundation, provide us with the needed information, as we will draw up the letter of recommendation accordingly.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Certificates:
    • Current transcript of records and ranking certificate
      (‘Notenübersicht’, not older than 4 weeks and 'Ranking-Bescheinigung' if available)
    • Bachelor’s certificate with grades (for master students)
    • High school certificate (‘Abiturzeugnis’)
    • Language proficiency certificates (if available)
    • Work experience certificates (internships, extracurricular activities, etc.; if available)
  • In case you are planning to spend a semester abroad, we expect you to present a detailed curriculum of courses you are planning to take during your semester abroad and an explanation of how these courses fit into your course of studies at the University of Cologne.