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Bachelor Thesis at the Marketing Area

Application Procedure

The assignment of bachelor theses for all management departments at the University of Cologne is managed centrally by the examination office of the WiSo faculty and takes place twice a year. Please make sure that you do not miss the respective deadlines. For detailed information, please refer to the examination office. Students of the management departments apply via KLIPS (course: Bachelorarbeit in der Area Marketing (Prof. Völckner, Prof. Bruno, Prof. Fischer, Prof. Marchand, Prof. Reinartz) in the first application round ("erste Belegphase").

If you get assigned to the Marketing Area, you will receive a list of all thesis topics from the Marketing Area. You can then state up to seven topic preferences. It is our aim to assign one of your seven topic preferences to you. However, in some cases (e.g., if many students choose the same topic preferences) this aim cannot be accomplished. In this case, we will randomly assign one of the other topics to you.

Important Information 

  • We cannot accept topic proposals for bachelor theses.
  • Bachelor theses cannot be completed in cooperation with a company.


If you have any further questions on bachelor theses, please contact: