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Conceptual Rigor

Doctoral Regulations 2022



Publishing in A+ journals is tough. Unfortunately, it is not sufficient to have a brilliant idea and execute the research project in line with the international stateof- the-art. You also need to be an excellent writer and reader. Writing refers to introducing the research problem, positioning your work relative to the literature, synthesizing your main findings, etc. Reading refers to understanding the messages in the reviews once the manuscript comes back from the review process.

In this course, we will focus on training two skills:
(1) Writing a powerful introduction including the positioning relative to the literature
(2) Understanding reviews and drawing conclusions for revising the manuscript

We will address questions such as
• What are success factors of publishing in top tier journals?
• Which kinds of contributions exist?
• How to position your research relative to the literature?
• Which strategy to follow for the submission process?
• How to read between the lines in review reports?