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New publication by Prof. Marchand about Social Media Resources

Another manuscript by Prof. Marchand and colleagues at the International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM) has just been accepted for publication.

Drawing on resource-based theory and the concept of dynamic capabilities, this article identifies social media–specific resources and dynamic capabilities that can enhance social media performance. It also offers theoretically supported and validated scales to measure them. The authors empirically investigate their performance effects using different kinds of data pertaining to consumer brands, gathered from manager surveys, brands’ financial statements, Facebook fans, Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, and brand image measures. The proposed social media resources and capabilities improve social media performance directly and brand perception indirectly. In particular, the impact of the social media strategy and measurement is moderated by firm size. A profile deviation analysis further reveals that the social media capabilities gap between top-performing versus other brands explains significant variance in social media performance. The advantages of developing social media capabilities early on also persist in the long-term, with substantial relevance for managers.

The paper will soon be available online: Marchand, André, Thorsten Hennig-Thurau, and Jan Flemming (2021) “Social Media Resources and Capabilities as Strategic Determinants of Social Media Performance,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 38, forthcoming.

A further new paper deals with a newly developed hybrid recommendation system that automatically generates explanations for recommendations generated by machine learning. It has now been published in the Journal of Retailing (JR): Marchand, André and Paul Marx (2020), “Automated Product Recommendations with Preference-Based Explanations,” Journal of Retailing, 96 (3), 328-343.