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Sales Research - Status Quo, Challenges, and Future Opportunities

Sales research has seen substantial growth, achieving a more than 70% increase in representation within premier marketing journals over the last ten years. Despite this progress, sales research remains underrepresented given the pivotal role of the sales function in practice. This panel session, titled "Sales Research - Status Quo, Challenges, and Future Opportunities," aims to delve into the evolving landscape of sales scholarship and underscore the need for more rigorous inquiry. Our discussion will provide an overview of the current state and ongoing evolution of sales research. Together, we will discuss key challenges impeding sales research and propose specific strategies to address these obstacles. The session will also highlight emerging opportunities for young scholars eager to significantly impact marketing strategy in the area of sales. Featuring a diverse panel, the session promises dynamic interaction, driven by audience participation and tailored by specific questions and remarks from attendees. Join us to engage with and help shape the future discourse on sales research in marketing strategy!