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Retailing in the face of Macro-Economic Changes

Amidst the havoc wrought by disruption in retailing, today's global dynamics add another layer of complexity, disrupting forward planning. The aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with political uncertainty, has fueled double-digit inflation, labor scarcities, and ongoing supply chain disruptions. These challenges are compounded by the visible signs of climate change, intensifying pressures on retailers and brands. In this landscape of price pressures, labor shortages, and sustainability urgencies, a new level of uncertainty emerges, reshaping the traditional retail playbook. Against this backdrop, we're prompted to question: Does the typical retail playbook still hold relevance? To what extent are retailers impacted by shifts in the macro-environment, and conversely, how does retail influence macro-economic trends?  Join us for an immersive brainstorming session where we dissect these pressing questions, exploring the uncharted territories that traditional approaches overlook.