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Marketing in a Digital Age

Seminar (14266.0204)

Instructor: Vincent Ruess and Nicklas Engels

The goal of the seminar is to develop a more detailed understanding of a specific topic out of the field of marketing. Students learn how to critically assess academic literature and write a thesis on a scientific topic. Furthermore, students advance their communicative abilities. The active participation during the discussions in the seminar helps developing those communication skills. This class is assigned to the module “bachelor seminar” of the specialisation section marketing.
Requirement for this seminar is the participation in the specialisation section in marketing during your studies. The seminar is restricted to 20 participants. The application for the seminar and the selection of participants will be via KLIPS. After the selection of the participants the students will be informed. In case that there are less than 20 participants the coordinators might reduce the number of topics. The selected participants will be asked to confirm their participation and hand in their topic preferences. We will do our best to consider the preferences when distributing the topics.