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Major Module Selected Issues in Marketing

Marketing@University of Cologne

Lecture & Exercise (14266.0105)

            Instructors: Prof. Dr. Franziska Völckner (Lecture) & Dr. Martin Hirche (Exercise)
            Date, Time & Room: see Klips 

This course is intended to provide students with the opportunity to apply basic concepts, theories, and methods in marketing strategy and product innovation management to real-world challenges using the example of the education industry. Students (in groups of 3-4) will work on developing a marketing strategy for either the M.Sc. Marketing program or the B.Sc. Business Administration program at the University of Cologne, including a competitor analysis, customer analysis (i.e., students and prospective students), (re-)design of the “product” (i.e., the program), and communication strategy. You slip into the shoes of an academic/program director at the University of Cologne and develop “your” program – with the opportunity to have an impact on the program offerings of the WiSo-Faculty.

Further information on the course here.